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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009



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Apr. 24th, 2008

Hopelessly Lost

Because it is impossible to get everything right...

for the most part life has been a little hectic. 
But I'll put that aside cause I already ranted about it somewhere else. 

I got good news. I passed the chem placement exam!! YESH!!! bwuhahahahaha that means I can get into the next class.

Over the weekend, I'll be tackling on the idea of figuring out which classes I want, and maybe, just maybe finally attempt to clean my room. We'll see all depends on work, final projects and studying of whatnots. >> 

I need a math tutor. Should really go see my TA. Gotta find his office hours now that things have cooled down a little.

Oh I didn't have a chance to do this earlier, but Kawaii Kon rocked. xD like totally. I mean sure I didn't get to go do everything and missed a few awesome events (like the concert. ><) and couldn't take my time shopping leisurely (and thus made some hasty choices). But overall it was a learning experience. I made some profit. Kinda so so since I spend more then I earn. >> but yeah. *cough* it totally covered to paying for my ticket, supplies, and table. 

Mom said I should totally write down what I know sold and stuff. Next year I'll try even try sell more stuff. It was kinda like testing the waters, I guess.

I know this stuff sells (meaning I didn't have tell every single person who walked by to buy it.)
3D origami
Spam Musubi
regular origami (cranes and whatnots)
Chibi Doodles for .50 cent

I know this stuff sells but needs some prompting from me (I know alot of people like it it, but I was like "buy the pillow it calls for you!! " before they caved and said, oh alright)
pillow cases

I know this stuff sold, but I had a hard time convincing people to buy. Most said they already had too many or didn't need one.

Stuff that sold that surprised me
Getting comission for 3D art
Chibi doodles. .50 cent (and getting comission)

The only problem is that it takes up a lot of room. :/ I don't want my own table through. I still think half the reason why I got people to buy was most of them were attracted to my friend's chibi's first. 
Kinda funny too. I got rid of a little junk lying in my room too. I had like fake flowers, origami I didn't know how to make anymore, tossed them into the little baskets of 3D origami, and people walked off with them. I mean yeah it sounds cheap of me but seriously it add a little flare to it. Like maybe next year, I'll bring some stuff like those freebies pencils I always get, but never use (you know the old fashion non mechanical kind xD). Part of me is like well they're free, I didn't spend money to get them, they're just stuff people have given me over the years. *shrugs* like I have those little rubber duckie necklace someone gave me. haha... o.o I'm selling my old stuff at kawaiikon.

I was gonna try with these candies that I didn't like (but others might) but I forgot them at home. ^^;;;

You never know right? 

So here's the game plan for next year (and I've already gotten started) 
3D origami (and I'm looking to find anime characters that I can do, or make my own designs *nods* already started trying to teach myself how to make Saizo the pig from Peacemaker, man squares are hard shape to get you know)
Pillows (gotta find the right design though. Pikachu was a huge hit though)
Commission for 3D art
Last of my pillow cases (cause I have two more. >> maybe I'll just keep them though)
Spam Musubi (or some type of food)

and the last one that is still kinda iffy is Art. I'm gonna try real hard this year to improve (hah what me forget about it though) and come with a few little prints and whatnots. I'm surprised people asked me to doodle for them. o.o me, my horrible art. that's like... a miracle. Though I have to admit, it was better then the guy across from us doodling stick figures. ^^;;;
I figured .50 cent doodles that don't like take forever. You know? Certainly not color. Oh no, even if I buy myself those copic pens (that are insanely expensive) like hell that I'll be able to master it in a year. >> Maybe black and white (inked) but I gotta find my pencil case. >> I don't want to buy those sakura micro pens again. Just make a few prints (if anything, have them be drawn to the my stuff). if I can improve that much. probably not. >< but doesn't hurt to try right?
It's just something takes me like... five-ten minutes (just pencil though) and it's really just the head. I dunno. if I feel like I've improved then okay, I'll gladly do it. But other then that.... well I dunno. o.o

the thing to search into the 3D art though is how to find good colored paper that isn't going to cost me much. Cause I really don't want to spray paint anything. >< and pure origami is WAY too expensive. (not unless I make minitures)
I'll check costco and stuff I hope I can find the basic colors and hopefully not have it as construction paper (too thick)

Oh note to stuff next year have this sign.

"I'm Lonely! Take Me Home! I'm only $____"
I used that for the some of the cranes and the one 3D turtle I've made. yeah people kept pointing at it until someone came by and bought it. xD the sign works wonders. <33

Feb. 9th, 2008

Hopelessly Lost


bwuahahaha xD

A new layout!!

And it only took two days to code everything. *dies* And there wasn't much coding and uploading needed in the first place. *dies* Though the new loveless mood themes gave me a hard time. >>

Anyways thought I change everything up. x3 <3 I've been going around changing all my layouts, backgrounds, and even wallpapers. xD

So a brand new avatar (yay!! I made it myself)
A brand new layout
New mood themes <3
A new wallpaper
A new skin (for minitokyo)

And so much more to come. xD I will change the one at work. >3

I feel so morbid and depressed but in a cute and adorable way. xD <33

Dec. 25th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost

Merry Christmas!!

*dances* x3 *still has one hour left of christmas*

Seito loves christmas.


Got plenty of clothes and food.

And got a DS <3333
and my ears pierced (O.o how on earth did my friend talk me into that one) 

Nov. 30th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost

WHEE! promotion! <3

I got promoted on mene. o.o

Oct. 25th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost


my internet has been down for the last two days. I finally got it back up. <3

Far much to say here.

So I'll just skip it. xD

Oct. 18th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost


Stab my heart make me bleed. Break my mind, make me cry. Push me beyond my breaking point, shatter I will break. 

Oct. 17th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost



I've been obsessed with weird little things lately. o.o Maybe it's just my way of finding something to do now that I avoid like plague. But so far I've done/experienced/attempted/tried:

A My Little Pony Movie Spree
Obsession with the Peanut's Theme Song
Started writing Asa (OMG I don't believe it actually happening!)
Attempted to Clean my room... (and failed)
Skipped out on Kendo (but still giving a speech on kendo... which I'm winging)
Totally fine with a B average in college (funny normally I would be freaking about B average)
House (<3) 

And that's within the last two weeks alone. -.-

And I finally might have a Table partner for Kawaii Kon. o.o Not the best person I would want to go with... but better then actually playing for the entire thing myself. I just gotta make enough bags to sell and actually make a profit.... (Is hoping for 100 dollar profit too much? o.o) 

Well see what happens.

And I never though I would say this... but I actually liked Gaia's DI this month. Well only the Grunnys... but those are adorable. O.O I think I'll buy three of them when the prices drop. <3

Today I made... Four ? years on ff.net

maybe I should go write a quick little short story and post it. >>
Well depends on homework I guess...

back to that stupid speech and powerpoint. >>  Stupid cramps....

Aug. 31st, 2007

Yum, Yum Hao and Yoh

I hate my body....

I think something is seriously wrong with how my body fuctions. o.o Either I'm not taking enough of something, or I'm eating too much of something, either way something is seriously wrong. 

First off I think my body is still trying to adjust to waking up early for school and eating breakfast. This entire summer involved me waking up late and thus skipping breakfast and I guess trying to go back to a three meals a day schedule verse two meals a day, my body isn't like it. I barely eat in the morning, my breakfast these past two weeks involved small parts like two muffins, one hotdog, or like half a sandwhich. 

And I'm always tired. I came home today at 12:30 and I slept til 6:30...... -.-  I woke up briefly inbetween to call my mom, turn to another side or turn off the tv but gah.... six HOURS?! I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.... actually I probably will be able to... *is super exhausted still*

Then back to the matter of my appettie, I'm like hungry.. but I don't want to eat? Take today for example, I ate 1/4th of sandwich, 1/4th of bowl of soup at 7am, finally grew hungry at around 10am, ate rest of sandwich, and 1/2 of the soup that was left. Came home, didn't eat, (choose to sleep instead) woke up, hungry, stomach hurting but all I eat is three small blueberry muffins?  stomach still hurting, but don't want to eat anything. ._.

maybe I need more vitimin B for energy or something and start going to bed at like..8-9 instead of 10-11. hopefully that will help?

I need to go force some food into my body... maybe tofu will help...

Aug. 29th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost

A mod!

O.o I became a mod on mene today. *is still in shock* I hope I make a good one. ><

Jul. 30th, 2007

Hopelessly Lost

Like a Typical Hawaiian. xD

Well I must say, I finally did. I went to the beach today
and surfed.

Well body board but that's not the point.

In short simple words (cause I'm tired)
it was fun.
Right next to flying an airplane on the list of crazy things I've done
but not as high as flying a glider. >>

I would go again
but I'm badly sunburnt and very sore. 

I'll wait until next summer. xD

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