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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009

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Hopelessly Lost


Neku doesn't like to remember his father.

While he struggles to remember his mother, he had no problem trying to block out all memories of his father. Personally, he believes Aigo, his uncle, is actually more of a father to him then his biological one was ever. Aigo is rarely home and far from the ideal parent, but at least he cares and loves Neku as much as he possibly can. 

Neku's father is the reason why Neku's mother is dead.


It was a rare occurance.

Neku and Tam were left next to each other in the middle of the street. It wasn't that they were on bad terms, merely that whenever Neku met her and Asho, Tam was always talking to Joshua and Asho was always talking to him.

But today Joshua is nowhere in sight, and Asho is busy running around trying to find something.

"So..." Neku starts. His gut feeling was screaming something at him that this girl was dangerous, but he choose to ignore it for now. After all anyone who was friends with Joshua had to be considered dangerous on some level, himself included.

Tam merely tilts her head sightly, her iced blue eyes studying Neku carefully. Neku fidgets a little, uncomfortable by her glaze. Then bluntly, Tam asks,  "Are you in love with Joshua, Neku?"


In another lifetime, Neku would become Conductor.

Joshua would make the offer to him in passing, a few years after the game had ended and everyone had all moved on with their lives.

Oh there would be a fight with Joshua for suggesting something as insane as that. Neku would fight against it for months until Sanae finally took pity on his boss and sat Neku down to explain how and why the Reaper Game is run the way it is.

Neku would finally calm down. No one had explained to him that Reaper Game was actually necessary and that becoming a noise actually help with soul refinement and not the destruction of it. He would sit and think about it for many days until he finally gave Joshua an answer of 'yes'.

Joshua actually smile at that, but wisely choose not to inform Neku that in reality Neku had already been Conductor since the day he defeated Megumi. Because defeating a Conductor is no easy task, it requires a large amount of imagination and willpower, not to mention the ability to hear Shibuya's music. Neku had all of that. Like the Composer seat, the Conductor seat can be earned by defeating the previous Conductor. Neku's reaper wings had been flickering in and out of focus since.