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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009

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Hopelessly Lost

Kawaii Kon 09

($329.25  + 90 + 50 = 469.25)
*dies* omg....

Well despite being sick, having little to no sleep, insane long hours, barely anytime to enjoy the con, I think everything went fairly well. >>

I made about $400 in sales (which after removing cost of materials, ticket, table, and what I spent) equals to be about 140 in profit left over.

3D origami was actually a huge hit... @.@
I sold
6 pikachus
3 moogles
3 clouds
1 axel
2 chocobos
1 white mushroom heartless
1 basket
2 swans

Pikachu was huge hit. I can't tell if it's cause it look cute, or because pokemon was "in" this year.

While I didn't sell as many I did sell quite a few bookmarkers. So I'll probably make a few more with cute phrase and what nots, and take them again next year (just make like 5 of each or so)

I will raise my prices next year for them. People were telling me I was selling them too cheap... but of course people who are telling me this are probably working adults and I'm thinking like a kid (and most other kids at the con who don't exactly work) and anything over $20 dollars shy away from...
I'm thinking
20-25 for Moogle size
25-30 for cloud size

at least. Way too much time if I have to do more then that...

Pillows did kinda well. I'll probably make 4 every year, it seems to be just the right number to sell. (well actually I sold five...)

I think... I'll be doing 3D origami next year... so here's a bunch of suggestions

Roxas (perhaps a set with axel? maybe the two of them holding matching hearts, or sea salt ice cream. actually everyone thought cloud was roxas... xD)
Catutar  (perhaps a set with moogle and chocobo?)
Squall/leon (gotta figure out what to use for fur on his jacket, I'm thinking cotton balls)
Neku (already working on him)
Riku (KH2 outfit)
Sora? (possibly, his outfit is hard....)
Japanese Pudding (yellow with brown top and cute O3O or :) faces)

If I'm really insane, I'll do the entire organization XIII (that would actually be a fun project... if it wouldn't take forever to do) or that huge dragon (gonna buy those instructions damnit!)

Note to self, I already pre-register for next year, at $90.

I think my drawings are improving though. :/ Just a little not alot though. Hmmm

Oh... I wonder... if I try and make something really really tiny... >> << >> Maybe I'll go try and make an Axel. >> *runs to find black paper*

Oh note to self: Also have material and supplies to make 2 more pillowcases, hats, and one drawstring backpack.