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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009

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Eternally Lost...

Musing of Plotting

Type: Information
Classification: E
Restriction: Everyone

Resonance is the bond that is form between two people. The stronger the bond, the closer you are with that person. Lifetime mates, current lover, your Abstract Reality Self (this is not noted in public file), and usually very close family members (twins for example) share the strongest bonds, followed by friendship, family, and casual/former lovers bonds, then acquaintance then lastly  people you never have met ("Chance meeting bonds").

Resonance allows you and the person you share the bond with to share thoughts, feelings, and the ability to find them wherever they are. These bonds rarely break (nothing short of death, or by theory being attacked and "killed" by heartless), though they are frail. While they never truly break (they are always, if only by, connected by a single thread) they can weaken if you and bondmate grow apart. Someone describe as simply a way of growing up. Your best friend when you were six will have a strong bond with you then, but as you both grow up and possibly find out that you two don't have as much as common and gain new and more friends, you might no longer have the same strong bond as you had when you were six. Simply you went from being best friends to friends and while you two are still connected, the bond is not as strong as you were when you six. Another good example is love. Falling in and out of love is as easy as swimming and drowning. True Heartbreak is the only way a bond will ever break, that you were hurt so bad by this person that you never want to see them again. (See File: Cloud and Sephiroth)

To simply put Resonance, the bonds you form, the people you meet,  the memories you create, and feelings you feel (in the Angel and Reaper Side) is the person heart.

Sidenote (This is not in the public file):
By theory, the Nobodies of our sister side should be able to get their heart back if they simply "live". By meeting new people, creating new bonds and memories, they should be able to "grow" back their heart. The empty hollow ache is believed to be the lost of Resonance, the disappearance of all the bonds they created and most if not all their memories. Obviously the bigger their "heart" was the bigger the ache. To "regain" their heart is establish all their bonds again and fully restore their memories. Much like "amnesia" and recovering the lost memories.
In theory, Soulreaders should have problem correcting this mistake. All that is required is said Nobody retain their "human" form. However, this should not be tested eagerly. To return a heart to a nobody means to also return all burden that comes with their previous life, and destroys all current bonds, memories, and skills to replace with the old ones, not to mention the subtle/drastic changes that may have occurred during the lost of heart, perhaps in way of thinking and personality. For some nobodies this might actually do more harm then good. It is probably better to view the lost of heart as a second chance "a clean slate" so speak.