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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009

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Cup of Tea

Double Arts

Hahaha! I do love the writing mood. The ideas just spill continuously. xD So was playing around with the story of Double Arts (great story, really depressing that it's been cut and thus we'll never know the ending. It had so much potential). Decided to do what I do best, adapt and write. With KH of course, my current obsession. So please ignore the following rambling. xD

There were three or four different versions the idea.

Heartless Disease = Troy
In the story Troy is spread by touching and is known as the Disappearing Disease. Once you have too much poison in your system you go into seizures and literally disappear. Heartless Disease works the same way only it's your heart that falls into darkness. If you don't fade away into nothing, you become a nobody, who is an empty shell of their former self, with no memories and almost no emotions like a robot. They can do daily tasks, but they are unresponsive, do not talk or express feeling. It's a fate worse then death as they just waste away. Heartless Disease can be prolong by giving Heart Energy to person. Only people with strong hearts can do this. Ultimately the Heartless Disease is caused by Heartless which have been leaking out into the world because the Organization has open the door to Kingdom Hearts. Thus to stop Heartless Disease several things are required. 7 Princess of Heart (to open the pathway to Kingdom Hearts), the keyblade(s) ( to seal the door), and the defeat of all Heartless (any weapon can do). Heartless fear the keyblade only because it's made of pure light, and can never be broken, where as heartless can break other weapons.

The most obvious choice would to have
Sora = Kiri ( who is main Character of the story who holds the cure. Upbeat, resource, cheerful body, looks alot like sora to begin with)
Kairi = Elraine ( who is main female character. Sweet. Can temp cure disease, likes Kiri [thus playing on the Sokai idea])
Riku = Fallan (who is the man with mysterious past. He's done something he regrets and vows not to protect people or at least go out of his way to do it. Very stoic and cold hearted kind guy).
Sui = Roxas? (is a fight loving girl in the series. Really the only person who comes remotely close to her personality is Larxene but even then Larxene is just cruel and sadistic. Sui devious, actually still cares for people on some remote level, just not for her opponent. However her role in the story is that she's a close friend/former love interest of Kiri. So Roxas as Sora's brother would work.)
Axel = Zezu (the first bad guy you meet in the story)
Organization XIII (Or 12 in this case?) = Gazelle  ( The secret group that is somehow linked to Troy. Not much is known due to the cancellation of the series, but it works?)

This is based purely personality and abilities. Kairi makes a good Elraine because as a princess of heart she can share her heart energy (by theory) not to mention they're somewhat similar, sweet caring girls. Sora + keyblade, makes a good Kiri. For this idea the keyblade can stop the Heartless (which is the cause of the disease and for every heart released someone's heart is returned filling it with a light bright enough to keep the darkness at bay for good). Sora has a strong heart as well that resonance with Kairi (thus is the only reason why she hasn't created a nobody yet). 
Riku fits Fallan as the third wheel in a group of friends. Cold hearted by appearance he would have a soft spot for Sora just as Fallan does for Kiri. Riku is always impressed by what Sora can do. The plus side is that Sui and Fallan do not get along, the same way Riku and Roxas don't get along.
Axel as Zezu, well appearance wish they do look similar. The personality is remarkably similar as well. The Zezu is interest by Kiri in the story, similar to Axel's interest in Sora in the game (expect he was only interesting in Sora cause of Roxas...).

A variation could be Sora = Elraine, and Kairi = Kiri, where Kairi is the cure because she's a princess of heart and Sora, with his keyblade is only a temp cure because the heartless keep coming where as the princess can be used to finally seal the door. Could still have Roxas as Sora's younger brother whom Sora was visiting... or something.

This is the ideal setting and crossover... and I hate it. Selfishly it's mostly because it's an implied Sokai, which is not very high up on my list of favorite pairings. (Actually I'm fairly certain it's at the very bottom along with RoxasNamine.) I could always make it so that it isn't Sokai (but come on, they're stuck holding hands for the entire series, I will be brutally murdered if I did NOT make it sokai).

So we improvised:
Second Idea
Sora = Kiri
Riku = Elraine
Roxas = Sui
Axel = Fallan/Zezu

This idea works rather well. Sora is kiri for the same reason as above. Riku becomes Elraine only because I like Riso, and yes of course you can say in theory that Heartless disease transfer darkness into one person, thus making Riku the perfect example. It also opens the spot of Fallan so that I stick Axel there if only so that I don't have to figure out a way to have Axel=Zezu turn traitor (though that fits more with the game cannon). It also makes the Organization down to 11 people which is closer to Gazelle Organization Number (11 member, but 4 have died, making it only 7... and we could do it so that CoM organization, zexy, larx, marl, vexen are the ones who died).

But I never really like Riso as the main pairing. *blinks*

Third Idea
Axel = Elraine
Roxas = Kiri
Sora = Sui
Fallan = Riku

This one... xD Well this one is selfishly listening to my love of Akuroku. But there are many problems with this. As Roxas and Kiri share almost nothing alike except for appearance. Axel does not mix well with a cute girl character. Sora is the farest thing from Sui.

 I'm quite sure Roxas and Axel (no matter how much they will love each other later on in the story) will NOT make it through the first chapters stuck to each other. Axel will probably restore to carrying Roxas everywhere. Also I lose the beauty of Roxas and Axel's weapons (as they both use 2 weapons, which require both hands. not that I would be able to use it in the story anyways if they're holding hands)

Even with a variation of making Axel = Kiri and Roxas = Elraine, it fits a little bit better, but not by much. (Or Demyx = Sui, and Zexion = Fallan).

Still Akuroku = <3

Fourth Idea
Zexion = Elraine
Demyx = kiri
Axel = Fallan
Roxas = Sui
And possibly Sora tagging along.

This one is probably my favorite and one I'll end up doing just because it has Akuroku and Zemyx. The downside is that it's probably the hardest one due to the fact that there's no real reason for Demyx to hold the cure (as everything else can be explained by the keyblade or the princess heart theory). 

Demyx, like Sora, makes a pretty good Kiri. Zexion only works as Elraine only because like Elraine he's level-headed, small, and staring to show signs of becoming a nobody (lack of emotions). Roxas and Sora would "share" the part of Sui and playing the protective younger brothers of Demyx. Axel as Fallan allows not only Akuroku goodness but also Axel would be the perfect person to torment Demyx and Zexion.

Again the only downside is the cure. It's possible to just say that Demyx and Zexion are sharing heart energy, and that they need to travel to headquarters to save Zexion. Sora and Roxas having keyblades (ultimately the cure) is just luck that they decided to travel with their brother. Could also have it as the organization actually has the seven princess of heart capture and until their return there's no way to find Kingdom Hearts and seal it (with keyblade).

Hmmm.... Yes I think I'll go with Demyx and Zexion version. xD Tis only fair since Project Destati has Roxas and Axel the main point of view... sorta (it leans towards Zemyx in the end anyways).