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Hopelessly Lost

May 2009

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Hopelessly Lost

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Hello lj, I've been neglecting you.

I guess there really hasn't been much to say that didn't sound completely depressing or mene related (how pitiful my life has become).

Well there's a new layout for one thing and new mood themes.
Mother been kidnapping my account too (even though I made her a lj one) for downloading jdramas. >> << >> Kinda don't want her reading anything she shouldn't see....

On a lighter and random note, Tantei Gakuen Q was an awesome jdrama. *squeel* Ryuu is so cute! Kyuu too (they're twins in real life!!) <33
Ah if only I lived in japan and he was a little bit older. (the guy that plays ryuu is only 16).

I have totally failed math 242 and need to retake it... again. >> 
Today was registration, I'm little numb about the whole process.

It occurred to me today that I haven't even really read julie's lj for a long long long time. ((*hugs julie* wah! I'm sorry)) and that oh so important piece of info that I had known, but wasn't sure how to bring it up in a conversation was actually written in there. @.@ So... I don't have to ship your christmas gift to you, julie? (assuming you're reading this).

Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a clean up of my journal. (deleting/editing old super depressing I never want to see you again entries and probably anything that mention mene in it [I want to keep this journal clean and away from my so called internet social life]) I look and almost literally 1/10 entires is happy, the other 9 are depressing and I never want to see them again. I'll keep some (cause life isn't perfect there are going to be down sides). But there are some that me depressed by just by rereading them. There are also some that if mother continues to use this account that I never want her to see... >> 

I'm also thinking of creating a writing only lj too. (just for all the drabbles and scraps of storyline I have stuck in my head but don't have the time to sit down and write a full detailed story). But who knows. *sigh*

Edit: >> << >> Maybe I won't do a clean up. I didn't realize I've had this journal for 3 years. >> That's a lot to clean up when 70% of the entries are probably depressing and ones I actually want to delete... Maybe better to just bury them under a bunch of not so depressing entires. >> << >> 


Haha. I was gonna go through my journal and make all the entries friend locked. Of course, I think I've had my journal for longer than you, so I decided against that idea quite quickly.

And while I kinda do want to delete some entries--just because I was such a different, silly, immature person back then and I'm ashamed to have evidence of it--I don't want to. This journal, these entries, serve to be a record of me. It's truthful in all its profoundness and idiocy.

The writing lj also sounds like a good idea, but I'm still kinda meh about posting stuff up. I would like feedback, but more often than not, one usually hears nothing. ...and then you end up becoming a victim of art theft. ...Yes, I'm pessimistic.

On another note, I got you addicted to jdramas! Muwahahahaha!


I went back and deleted some of them. xD <3 Only cause I had nothing else better to do at the time.

Yeah. Art theft isn't fun. >> << >> I was thinking more along the idea of fanfics ideas (which means if they do get stolen, I won't be THAT upset if say an original story was stolen).

*is still going to blame you for this for years to come* xD

My mom liked the guy who play Ryuu too, she found all the jdramas he's in and downloaded them. xDD